« The Stars cannot die » part 1

« The Stars cannot die »©

If I told you that he is as beautiful as terrifying 

And that he devastates all on his path, you would answer me: “the fire”.

I believe that it is the name we could give to our time.

As our cities try to arise to the sky, 

Our ideas and thoughts are consuming.

Despite this consuming fire and its ferocity, somewhere, 

A few moments of grace still exist.

And when earth is flaming up, our ideas fly away not to burn.

It is said that there are as many stars as ideas 

And that birds take them from earth to their destinies.

This is why when looking at a starry sky, heart and spirit are awaking.

The emperors and tyrants could well try to ally but they would never succeed in turning off the stars.

It is not given to the unfair people to see all these lights, 

Despite chains and darkness they won’t get our freedom.

As we just need to close our eyes to see this whole immensity…

« Noires sont les roses »

« If you learn Love you will hate war »

Sensibility and critical thinking are the safeguards of the peoples, themselves being the guarantee of Art and creativity.

« What is an idea? if not a door opened towards the future »


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