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The celebrations for our first creation are coming to an end, we had the pleasure of presenting the series « The Dreamings » and its 3 parts: « The stars cannot die », « The garden of storms » and « My name is Nayati », to accompany the release of our first creation.

Congratulations to our 3 lucky winners, Venus_Writer, Wifeblah and Moun, who won the first 3 limited edition exemplars of the PEOPEO necklace.

The story of the necklace :

The « PEOPEO » necklace is composed of a pendant and a silver 925 chain ; this pendant represents an  american indian headdress of which we made the emblem of our brand.

The 3 pendants were cast in a foundry located in Nice and expertized by the designer layout artist and jeweler  « I&G » also residing in Nice (06000).

The work and finishing of the pieces are carried out in the OTD® workshop near the town of Lorient (56100).

Our necklace is presented in a linen pouch handcrafted in Lyliane’s workshop. Her shop is located in the town of Quéven (56185).       

Her shop is located in the town of Quéven (56185).

The necklace and its pouch are placed in a superb Paulownia wood box with its yellow velvet bottom, personalized by the artisan and artist of the « Cabinet de Curiosité », whose shop is located in the town of Petit-Quevilly (76140).

Our brand is deeply concerned about its environment, which is why we only work with noble materials and advocate the 100% made in France.

All our pieces : jewels, pouches and wooden boxes have been entirely handmade.

Our thanks:

The  OTD® team do thank warmfully all the people who contributed directly or indirectly to this project.

First of all, a great thank to all our subscribers. 

Thank you for your comments, your sustaining messages and the sharing of our articles.

You form our community and it is for you that we develop and implement new projects.

Thank you thousand times !!!

Finally, we would like to thank all our collaborators without who our first creation would have never been realized.

Thank you for your mobilization and your availability and also for your sharing of your know-how and creativity for this project.

A special mention for the artist « Noires sont les roses » who lent us his pen and his inspiration.

We look forward to future collaborations.

Let the adventure go on! …

The OTD® Staff

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