OTD® is a young french brand specialized in accessories and jewelry.

Founded in January 2014, it advocates the made in France, especially with its main partner, a designer layout artist based in Nice.

Our Philosophy

OTD® is the association of two young men with very different backgrounds but who share the same ideals.

An activist for self-entrepreneurship and independants, OTD®’s motivation is to multiply collaborations.

Through campaigns and various projects, this very new brand intends to disseminate its ideas.

The independents

We emphasize the importance of the support of independents from diverse and varied sectors, because all together they form a powerful network.

This network can feed networks of bloggers, creators, artists and craftsmen.

Today our purpose is to present you the extent of our ambition, based on the exchange of knowledge and sharing.

A touch of poetry…

We rely upon you to forward our first realization entitled « The Dreaming », composed of 4 visual parts.

Part 1 « The Stars cannot die », Part 2 « The garden of storms », Part 3 « My name is Nayati » and Part 4 « Dust of Empire ».

These 4 stories are very important to us because they express many values dear to us in accordance with our guidelines.

Officially, « The Dreamings » introduce the first OTD® creation, the « PeoPeo » necklace.

Join the OTD® community

We thank you for your attention and invite you to visit OTD.TV for future interactions.